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​not jobs.

The workplace is changing faster now than ever, for the first time we’re seeing 4 generations of workers in the work place. Big data is beginning to impact supply chain and finance organizations everywhere, and we are experiencing a shift from a corporate controlled work environment to a collaborative, free agent work space. The skills required to succeed in your career are changing so we work a little bit differently: at Horizon, we focus on careers not jobs. Everyone wants a great job, but a great career is the ultimate goal.

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Experiences redefined.

Have you ever been let down by your experience during the recruitment process? Unfortunately this is the case for too many people. Regardless of whether you’re a candidate, customer or even the recruiter in the recruitment process you may have left the recruitment experience wondering why it was that way.  At Horizon, our mission is to build a company that leads the markets it serves by redefining the recruitment experience, and this is for everyone involved, all stakeholders. Everything we do is designed to be Effective, Enjoyable and Empowering, or what we call E3.

Our mission statement, corporate philosophy, training and behaviours are all crafted around E3 which means all stakeholders work in unison to achieve long term sustainable goals. Want to find out more? Contact us today.

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