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Our mission.

To build a company
that leads the market it serves
by redefining the recruitment experience.
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Our story.

  • 2005

    Long-time friends Jeremy Tiffin and Feras Elkhalil agree to go into business together and launch WPCG Finance and Professional Recruitment. The first year was filled with excitement and a commitment to growth was established. Our values became clear and we worked incredibly hard to make our first year a success. The next couple years were all focused on creating new clients and establishing a strong entry in the market. Our initial focus was entirely on the accounting and finance market, however we filled a few roles outside of our specialization in order to keep the lights on!

  • 2007

    The company was on its feet with solid market presence and adding new clients at a rapid pace. Strong internal hires enabled us to establish a rich culture of performance and solidify our business philosophy.  A commitment to redefining the experience for everyone involved in the recruitment process was established. The company achieved significant revenue growth coupled with a large addition of interim placements which set the company up to weather difficult market conditions during the 2008 financial crisis.

  • 2009

    The accounting and finance business was doing well and in 2009, WPCG Finance and Professional Recruitment Inc. launched the supply chain practice creating two unique divisions of the company. Five specialized practice groups within each division were also created in alignment with our specialized approach. This enabled WPCG to capture additional market share and beat many of the generalist competitors in the markets.

  • 2012

    WPCG Finance and Professional Recruitment Inc. was rebranded to Horizon Recruitment Inc. to create a strong identity and career path for its internal team while also solidifying it’s unique position in Western Canada. Horizon was winning contracts with some of Western Canada’s largest and fastest growing companies and becoming a clear leader in both supply chain recruitment and financial recruitment. 

  • 2015

    Horizon Recruitment experiences huge change with a brand new office in the heart of downtown Vancouver and sees a drastic upswing in its revenues and interim consulting business with large gains made in both supply chain and financial recruitment. Horizon nearly doubles its consultant headcount and starts plans to expand into Alberta and Eastern Canada. Horizon launches the Career Café, it’s video focused blog, to help put supply chain and finance professionals in control of their careers and help hiring managers make better hiring decisions.

  • 2017

    Horizon Recruitment celebrates a decade of growth and success in the Canadian recruitment market. Horizon also enjoys it’s strongest year to date with record revenue performances in both the supply chain division and finance division. Horizon launches an all new website and continues to create original content for clients and candidates. Horizon redoubles it’s focus on redefining the recruitment experience and invests in additional training resources for internal staff to continue their learning and develop their capabilities.

  • Present

    We continue to grow and need great people who align with our Mission and Values. If you are serious and excited about your own personal career growth and want to help author a story with us, contact us to find out how you could be a part of our winning team!​

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Our values.

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    We have confidence in each other.

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    We challenge ourselves to be the best.

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    We support each other as one team.

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    We have fun doing what we do.

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    We have fun doing what we do.

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Join our Team.

Horizon is building a company that leads the market it serves by redefining the recruitment experience. Perhaps you're one of those individuals who really enjoys recruiting but perhaps doesn't feel you're in the right career vehicle yourself. Horizon may just be the right place for you.

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Our partners.

At Horizon we value our relationships with our partners. Working with the Supply Chain Networking Exchange and the American Association of Finance and Accounting allows us to be on the leading edge of recruitment networks.

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