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Successful companies stay on top of the numbers and know exactly
where they stand. Horizon can work with you to ensure your accounting department produces timely and accurate financial statements.
Example searches:

  • Director, Corporate Reporting
  • Accounting Manager
  • Senior Accountant
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Financial Planning
& Analysis.

Data is useless unless you can make sense of it. Coming in the form of an annual budget or the valuation of a potential acquisition, senior management rely on sound analysis to support business decisions. Example searches:

  • Director, Finance
  • Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Senior Financial Analyst

Risk &
Internal Audit.

Whether you need someone to look at your internal controls or assess your business processes, we work with top notch auditors who can provide insight, make recommendations, and even project manage making the changes.
Example searches:

  • Director, Internal Audit
  • Senior Internal Auditor
  • Project Risk Analyst
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It may seem simple, but it takes a skilled professional to stay on top of a company’s cash situation. From forecasting cashflow to investing excess funds, the Treasury team makes sure you have enough cash exactly when you need it.
​Example searches:

  • Senior Director, Treasury & Corporate Finance
  • Manager, Investment Analysis & Treasury
  • Senior Treasury Analyst


The intricacies and complexities of tax rules make it essential to have a high performing and knowledgeable group of tax professionals. Companies need to ensure they are meeting tax deadlines, paying the least amount of tax, and considering tax planning opportunities for future changes to the organization.
Example searches:

  • Manager, Tax Planning
  • Manager, Tax Compliance
  • Manager, Commodity Tax
  • Manager, US Tax
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