Average To Amazing   Oak Tree

Program Overview.

The Career L.I.F.E Framework in Average to Amazing provides the knowledge, tools and exercises to help make work, work for you.

The top 10% lean in, make an impact and leave a footprint which empowers enduring growth in their work and life.

In Average to Amazing you’ll learn:

  • The 4 fundamentals that are not taught in school which are required for career success.
  • The 4 stages every business professionals career goes through and how to navigate them successfully. 
  • The Career L.I.F.E Framework you apply each year to get, and stay, on track. 
  • The 1 question you must ask, and answer, to grow year over year. 
Side By Side   Average To Amazing

Average to Amazing Presentation.

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Career L.I.F.E. Framework.


Give your career the attention it deserves so it can grow into the symbol of strength like the oak tree above. Here are the exercises to help you get started:

Discover (Exercises– to be completed after life’s big events)

  • ​Psychometric Assessment: provided compliments of Horizon Recruitment Inc. (Use Campaign Code: CPA2019)

  • Career Runway
    Coming soon – under development

  • Time Budget (As is)
    Coming soon – under development

Plan (Exercises - to be completed annually)

  • Career L.I.F.E. Plan:16 key questions to create your action plan

  • Current Career Situation Review: Ensure strategy is focused on the right things
    Coming soon – under development

  • Time Budget (To be)
    Coming soon – under development

Do (To be completed daily)

  • There aren’t any exercises here
  • Do the best work you can each day
  • This is your ability to execute

Adjust (Exercise - to be completed quarterly) 

  • After Action Review (AAR)

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