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How Psycruit can help.

Career success is so much more than resumes and job descriptions. How you perform at work and how you feel through your work and life journey plays a massive role in your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Bottom line, you need to get the right match between your career objectives and the place you work.

Horizon Recruitment and the great folks at Criterion have been working hard to integrate Psycruit into our overall recruitment process. Psycruit is a comprehensive personality assessment that will help individuals identify measures of reasoning, personality, emotional style, motivation, culture-fit, and potential. This empowers you with the information you need to make the best career decisions possible.

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Psychometric assessment.

Psychometric assessment has been found to be the single most effective predictor of job performance available, outperforming interviews, references, bio-data and every other commonly used assessment.
Simply put, it’s the best way to identify what makes someone happy and successful in their career.

At Horizon, we don’t just work for candidates to get you a job. We work with you to further your career. Psycruit gives you the information to take control of your own career.
Upon completion, you will automatically be sent a report directly from Psycruit for you to keep and there is absolutely no cost, it’s a free offering from us to you.

How it works?

Psycruit is a personality questionnaire designed to explore an individual’s tendencies and preferences within the workplace.
Through extensive research with organizations into business critical roles, Criterion has developed and refined the Psycruit personality questionnaire.

There are no wrong answers here. No negative or positive responses; just a score on a scale of preferences. By the end of the assessment you’ll have insight into typical
preferences and tendencies for behaviours, feelings, values and motivations that are important in the workplace and for your career.