Paul Kalisch

Manager, Sales - BC

Paul Kalisch is the Manger, Sales and oversees the sales team and manages client relationships and business development in BC. Paul joined Horizon Recruitment in October 2010 after various Sales and Operations roles, both in Australia and Vancouver. Horizon was his first exposure to professional services and recruitment which was a big change at the time after spending 15 years in Manufacturing and Wholesale businesses.  His experience, while focused on sales, introduced Paul to Operations and Supply Chain requirements for international businesses which has provided him a great foundation for managing the Supply Chain portfolio in Vancouver. 

Paul completed a Bachelor of Education in Australia but found his way into sales roles while still completing his degree. He spent close to 10 years with a large winery and wine import /export business before moving to Vancouver in 2004. Paul is the father of two boys and when he is not busy focusing their energy in productive directions you will find him mountain biking on a trail somewhere in BC. Paul enjoys partnering with clients and supporting their business needs by sourcing the right candidate for the right job. Searching for businesses who are truly focused on finding the best of the best and developing long term relationships with these clients is keeps Paul coming back from more year after year.

“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, but those that I did not do” – Rory Cochrane

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