Jim Huynh

Jim Huynh

Jim Huynh

Division Director, Accounting & Finance

Jim Huynh is the Senior Manager, Recruitment and is responsible for the overall recruitment efforts of the Accounting & Finance division. Joining Horizon Recruitment in 2007, Jim was new to recruiting but quickly took to the industry. Through consistent performance and proven success, he was able to progress through the organization and continually take on new challenges.

Jim specializes in both Accounting & Finance and Supply Chain Recruitment. On the Accounting & Finance side, he has successfully placed everything from Intermediate Accountants to Directors of Finance, while on the Supply Chain side, he specialized in procurement and contracts management positions of varying levels. After helping to build and establish the Supply Chain division for Horizon Recruitment, his role shifted to an Accounting & Finance focus.

Jim is very proud to have contributed to growth of Horizon Recruitment over the many years – Joining as a Junior Recruiter, his role has grown over the years with increasing responsibilities to the point of providing oversight and direction to the entire recruitment team.

Jim spends his time at coffee shops, craft breweries, and playgrounds with his wife and three-year-old daughter.  He is also passionate about sports, playing hockey, tennis, and golf while following and watching any sport from curling and rugby to baseball and football. Job searching is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through and Jim takes great pride in being a partner to someone who needs some support and honest feedback as they go down that road.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

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