LNG in BC 2015 RECAP

Lng In Bc 2015 Recap

Jason Saliani Supply Chain, British Columbia, 2015 LNG in BC Conference...

In October we attended the 2015 LNG in BC Conference.

Our focus wasn’t the environmental climate of Liquefied Natural Gas, although it is important, we were more interested in the economic forecast.

Understanding the potential career opportunities for the province and meeting key people in the industry. So what did we learn?

Well, with an industry investment of around 175 billion dollars and a projected 100,000 new jobs, there is serious potential for an economic boom in British Columbia. Of those 100,000 potential new jobs, roughly 24,000 should be operations based. What does that mean for Horizon and its customers?

Well, as we specialize in supply chain and financial recruitment, we would be able to fill a large amount of those operations positions.

On top of that, we were the only recruitment firm at the conference and were able to cultivate a number of industry contacts, making us a leading recruitment agency for LNG in BC.

While the fate of LNG in BC at this point is uncertain, one major take away from the conference is that there is opportunity on the horizon. Opportunity for careers, for BC, and for the future.