& contracts.

Whether it’s a large scale capital project where you require specialized construction and engineering expertise to a specialized category that demands expertise in advanced technology we’ve got it covered.
Example searches:

• Director, Strategic Sourcing
• Sr. Contracts Manager
• Tender Specialist

• VP, Procurement
• Category Manager
• Buyer

Inventory &

Preventing shortages in inventory can be the lifeblood of production and in some industries the difference between life and death. Horizon also helps supply the folks who optimize warehouse organization and track inventory levels in real time. Example searches:

• Inventory Analyst
• Demand Planning Manager
• Manager, Distribution Centre

• Director, Inventory & Materials
• Manager, eCommerce Distribution

Logistics &

Land, sea or air and the regulatory requirements that come with moving goods around the country or world require specialized knowhow as does the knowhow to find the people who make it all happen.
Example searches:

• Freight forwarder
• 3PL Fulfillment Manager
• Expeditor


The people who lead the supply chain department but also enable the entire organizations value chain and all the interconnected components thrive. We help businesses get the right people to make it all happen. Example searches:

• VP, Supply Chain
• Director, Supply Planning

• Chief Supply Chain Officer
• VP, Material Management


It’s not enough to buy, move and manage. The rate of change will only continue to increase and helping organizations find the people who can identify extra whitespace and streamline operations is what we do. Example searches:

• Internal Controls Consultant
• Director, Supply Transformation
• Manager, LEAN Processes

• Quality, Team Lead
• Manager, OPEX



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